Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar

About Our Restaurants

Annapoorna from our first branch at RS Puram we have grown all the way having upto 19 branches across the city and two sweet stalls one in Tirupur and Erode. Over the years Annapoorna has earned the hearts of Coimbatorians with the authentic never elsewhere experience of South Indian food. Redefinition of Dosa and idli was born with the signature Sambar we serve. Our quality and taste makes customers say they are proud Annapoorians.


Hospitality is what we are known for the 50 years of presence in Coimbatore. We have blended as The Pride of Coimbatore carrying its traditional values delivering the same to customers. Annapoorna, more than a restaurant our customers see us as their home.

Annapoorna offers a variety of ambience across all the branches. From a traditional vintage wooden chair seating to sophisticated comfort seating. Dining at Annapoorna has always been a home feeling for all. We welcome our customers with a warm heart, giving them a memorable dining experience. Every regular customer will be reminded of his or her childhood or some memory when he or she is in Annapoorna.

We spread love in the form of food.

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