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Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar Hotel

418, Mettupalayam Road,
Coimbatore – 641043.


: +(91)-422-4522444.


: +(91)-422-2456614.





  • “Good Food”
    This is a very good place for vegetarian food. They have service in two levels. On the higher level, you also get very good North Indian Thali meals…

  • “Perfect Place to Eat”
    Good environment, spacious, nice service and most important the food is delicious. Try any thing you like.

  • “Coffee at Annapoorna”
    After brisk morning walk, as usual and like all others went to Annapoorna for hot coffee and medhu vada. Vada was crispy and delicious…

  • “Hearty meal in an excellent Environment”
    One of the best meals I have had in Coimbatore so far. We had ordered the Rajbhojanam or the Royal Platter, which is a combination of dishes…

  • “A Great Place to Eat”
    Coimbatore people know this on the back of their hand but this will be useful to people who visit Coimbatore…

Did you know?

  • We roast more than 6000 kgs of COFFEE BEANS every month.

  • We have the privilege to serve more than 20 million customers a year.

  • We produce more than 5000 kgs of SAMBAR every day.

  • We serve more than 18000 cups of our famed piping hot FILTER COFFEE every day.

  • We consume around 3500 kgs of RICE, 6500 litres of MILK, 5000 COCUNUTS every day.

Did you try this ?

  • Did you try this ?

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