Filter Coffee “Life is too short for bad coffee” – Anonymous author.

An unparalleled filter coffee experience made out of the finest coffee beans, roasted and blended with a secret formula. Purest form of filter coffee, dark as a hazel eye, blending into a golden bronze, when the freshest milk is added. Our coffee makes life better and lightens up your…

Coffee Cup

Quality and flavor go hand in hand.

Welcome to Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar chain of restaurants that is located at various hearts of Coimbatore city serving traditional South Indian vegetarian cuisine since the 1960s. A family run business, we believe in delivering food with absolutely no compromise on quality and standards.


The famous Family Roast and Tri-coloured Chutneys is something that must be experienced along with our “flavoursome” Sambar. Oh! And do not forget to taste our unique Filter Coffee.


  • “Good Food”
    This is a very good place for vegetarian food. They have service in two levels. On the higher level, you also get very good North Indian Thali meals…

  • “Perfect Place to Eat”
    Good environment, spacious, nice service and most important the food is delicious. Try any thing you like.

  • “Coffee at Annapoorna”
    After brisk morning walk, as usual and like all others went to Annapoorna for hot coffee and medhu vada. Vada was crispy and delicious…

  • “Hearty meal in an excellent Environment”
    One of the best meals I have had in Coimbatore so far. We had ordered the Rajbhojanam or the Royal Platter, which is a combination of dishes…

  • “A Great Place to Eat”
    Coimbatore people know this on the back of their hand but this will be useful to people who visit Coimbatore…

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Did you know?

  • Our Employee strength is above 1500 members.

  • It was us who introduced the centralized steam cooking concept for south Indian food in the year 1980’s.

  • Nearly 12 tonnes of Sambar is produced every day.

  • A total of 50,000 cups of coffees are sold every day in all our 13 branches across Coimbatore.

  • We manufacture 6 tonnes of Coffee powder every month.

  • We serve 2 crore customers in a year in hotel business alone.

  • We procure 15,000 liters of milk every day.

  • Our outdoor catering service has served 15000 cups of coffees at a time.

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  • Did you try this ?